Pedro El Mapache Token

 Pedro El Mapache Token


Road Mapache

Be Decentralized

Be Decentralized

🌟¡Discover Pedro El Mapache!🌟

  • #Contract (Pedro)


Road Map📈

Phase #1:

 ✅️ 🚫 No Presale

 ✅️ 🥞  PancakeSwap 

 🏆 Rewards for early investors: Recognize and reward early investors with higher profits.

✅️ 🌐 Build community on Telegram, X App, and Instagram.

✅️ 🔥 Reach 500 subscribers 

✅️ Telegram

✅️ XApp

✅️Create aWebsite 💻

✅️  Instagram 

Phase #2:

A) 💎 Reach 1000 Holders

B) 📊 Coinmarketcap Listing

C) ✅️ 📈 Reach 1000 subscribers on Telegram, X App, and Instagram.

Phase #3:

A) 👑 Pedro El Mapache will be the King of Meme Tokens

B) Exchange listing

C) LBank Listing 

D) Binance Exchange

B) 🌌 There are no limits...

Phase #4:

(The Legacy Special Edition)

1. **Presentation Ready for Nickelodeon (Q2 2025)**:

✅️Completed proposal ready for presentation to Nickelodeon, highlighting the integration of Pedro El Mapache Samurai into the new editions of the Ninja Turtles.

✅️Detailed designs of the new character prepared for presentation to key Nickelodeon executives.

2. **Debut Planned in Ninja Turtles (Q2 2025)**:

✅️Pedro El Mapache Samurai ready for debut in the new editions of the Ninja Turtles, with his appearance and personality designed in collaboration with the creative team.

✅️Launch event organized to celebrate the arrival of the new character, with online and offline promotion strategies in execution.

Pedro El Mapache Tv Series on Nikelodeon on 2025

Pedro El Mapache Tv Series on Nikelodeon on 2025

✅️ Smart Contract Audit✅️ 

Audit by Cyberscope

Audit by Cyberscope

**Importance of Smart Contract Audit by Cyberscope:

Having a smart contract audited by Cyberscope is crucial for ensuring its security and reliability in the blockchain ecosystem. Just like locking LP tokens and token supply, a thorough audit adds an extra layer of protection against vulnerabilities and potential exploits, helping to build trust among users and investors. 🛡️ Cyberscope's expertise in blockchain security provides assurance that the smart contract is free from coding errors, vulnerabilities, and backdoors, reducing the risk of financial losses and reputational damage. Additionally, a Cyberscope audit can uncover any potential weaknesses in the contract code, allowing developers to address them before deployment, thus enhancing the overall integrity and trustworthiness of the project.

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